Inspiring Speakers

Hear from visionary speakers and gain an exclusive insight into innovative blockchain developments within enterprise.

Interact with industry-leading experts and hear practical “how-to” case-studies from global companies already leveraging blockchain technology.

Outstanding Content

Distributed Ledger Technology is rapidly disrupting traditional business processes on a global scale.

Blockchain Eventon discusses critical areas of change and presents an essential platform to discuss the opportunities of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence with thought-leaders and industry experts.

Discuss and debate the impact of blockchain and ai on sectors including Finance, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain and Telecoms through intimate roundtables, interactive case studies and panel discussions.

The Blockchain Festival for Business Leaders

Focusing on the businesses most impacted by blockchain and ai technology, join over 500 progressive professionals, 50 industry-leading speakers, global companies and innovative tech start-ups and gain knowledge, skills and connections to unlock the potential of Blockchain and AI Technology.